Spring forward with AMOSSHE

spring2016-coverSpring is drawing to a close and summer is on its way, so it’s time for AMOSSHE’s latest quarterly bulletin, reviewing some of our organisation’s work over the past three months, and looking forward to exciting times ahead!

This edition contains a roundup of news about the keynote speakers at our forthcoming national conference, Breaking Boundaries, which takes place in Glasgow from 6 to 8 July. We’re excited that such high profile, innovative and passionate people will join us to share their inspiring, boundary-breaking journeys and insights.

Reviewing some recent AMOSSHE work, there’s also a summary of our latest continuing professional development event, which explored Student Services leadership.

Another aspect of our work in 2016 has been to take a snapshot of the scale, scope, challenges and opportunities for UK Student Services in this academic year. This bulletin includes a page of infographics showing key details from our latest Student Services benchmarking survey: what are the most common areas in the Student Services remit? What budget and staff resources do UK Student Services have? What initiatives are top of the agenda for our members? Find out inside!

Read our spring bulletin here: AMOSSHE bulletin spring 2016.

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