What impact will the TEF have on Student Services?

Ben LewisWhat does the UK government’s proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) mean for Student Services at English universities? In the latest issue of GMT (Graduate Market Trends), AMOSSHE Chair Ben Lewis speculates about what the TEF might really mean for Student Services.

The UK government’s recent green paper on higher education proposed three key metrics for measuring teaching excellence: student retention / continuation, graduate employment destinations, and student satisfaction. AMOSSHE research reveals that that careers services / employability are part of the Student Services remit at 58% of UK higher education providers, and student engagement and retention were among the most likely areas to have come into the Student Services remit in the 2014/15 academic year.

Academics are right to query what these metrics would measure, but Student Services might reasonably ask: who will do the measurement?

Ben’s article discusses this and many other questions about the implications of the TEF for Student Services. Read it here: Graduate Market Trends.

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