Why does digital identity matter for Student Services?

This academic year AMOSSHE has embarked on a new venture: continuing professional development through webinars. We’re always looking for good ways to support the work of Student Services leaders, and we hope that webinars will help members to update their skills and knowledge without having to take time out from their institutions to travel around the country.


Our first webinars explored why digital identity matters, and how Student Services can use social media to improve student engagement and enhance the student experience.

The sessions, led by Eric Stoller (higher education consultant, speaker, and and student affairs and technology writer for InsideHigherEd.com) helped participants to develop a strategic communications framework, and identified tools, sites and apps for social media success.

The first webinar took place on 25 November 2015, and over 100 participants took part, from around the world, by listening, watching the slides and responding through instant messaging and Twitter. We repeated the webinar on 3 December in order to record it, and over 30 participants took part the second time around.

You can watch the recording of the webinar here:

You can view and download the presentation slides here: Why digital identity matters presentation.

Here’s the social media buzz from our webinar, including useful comments, resources and questions from participants.

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