A year of change

It’s nearly the end of the 2014/15 academic year in the UK and the higher education sector has seen some dramatic changes affecting Student Services – not least cuts and changes to student funding, and new duties on universities to prevent extremism. Alongside these policy changes, a range of serious issues have received a lot of media coverage: sexual harassment on campus, alcohol abuse and students’ mental health challenges, to name a few.

The AMOSSHE Executive has worked hard this year to influence policy makers and give a Student Services perspective, as well as raise the profile of our sector’s work and find practical ways to remove barriers to students’ success.

In a year of dramatic change it was fitting for our national conference to take the theme ALL CHANGE, and focus on how Student Services can lead and inspire positive change.

AMOSSHE bulletin summer 2015Our summer bulletin gives an overview of AMOSSHE’s work this year, including details of how the AMOSSHE Executive has represented our membership around the world. There’s also a roundup of our summer conference ALL CHANGE, with features from our supporter organisations.

We can already expect big changes in 2015/16: the student numbers cap has come off, maintenance grants have been scrapped in favour of loans, and record numbers of students have embarked on courses of higher education. AMOSSHE means to work even harder in the year ahead to support our members and the student experience.

A huge thank you to all our members, supporters and peer organisations for your invaluable help this year – we look forward to building on our strengths with you in 2015/16!

Read the bulletin here: AMOSSHE bulletin summer 2015.

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