Tell the exchange group what you want us to find out

colorado This is the Colorado State flag that handily includes the first two letters of the state so no-one confuses it with California or Kentucky

usa flag  yet there is no U.S.A on the stars and stripes. Why? We shall be asking the Coloradans this and other pressing questions during our busy week talking about all things Student Affairs.

Should you think flag design lessons don’t necessarily have great resonance in the UK you can help us to make sure we come back with useful and relevant intel that stimulates thought and debate  within AMOSSHE.

Let us know those areas of most interest to you and we will ask the questions on your behalf. AMOSSHE North colleagues came up with the following short list (ahem) of areas for the exchange group to find out more about;

  • Disability support
  • Dealing with sexual assault on campus
  • Mental health
  • Drug trends and how to tackle these
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Campus identity especially linked to behaviour
  • How Student Affairs measure success
  • The use of language to describe service provision
  • How they capture the student voice in feedback
  • Freedom of speech issues
  • Their chaplaincy model – how are diverse religious beliefs supported
  • How they use developing  technologies
  • Fitness to Study/ Fitness to Practice
  • Transition throughout the years

I (Nic) also been asked to find out more about the Behavioural Intervention Team model often used on American campuses ( and here is a nod to the training taking place at the University of Cumbria in November on this).

All really important areas for exploration and these will be investigated. The exchange team will also make sure they tackle the really big issues of the day such as who has the best mascot in Colorado H.E. Is it the CSU Ram or Milo the Mountain Lynx? Although my money is on the mountain lion … called Clyde!

Lots of areas for us to find out more about but please contact us on the blog, twitter or Pinterest and we will endeavour to bring back the information you want.

Please get in touch so we can work harder at the areas of interest to you

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