Gaining an insight into UK Student Services

Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis, AMOSSHE Chair

Last weekend at the NASPA International Symposium in New Orleans, AMOSSHE Chair Ben Lewis presented the findings of five Student Services research projects from UK universities.

The projects, part of the AMOSSHE Insight funding programme, address topics of strategic interest to Student Services leaders, including:

  • Supporting international disabled students.
  • Mapping the highs and lows of student support demand.
  • Using service-use data effectively.
  • Embedding student support in academic schools.
  • Inductions for new part-time and distance learning students.

AMOSSHE Insight, now in its second year, supports the project work of AMOSSHE members in order to share innovative research, expertise and best practice across the Student Services sector, and enable continuing development and improvement. Ben presented the findings and recommendations of the first set of AMOSSHE Insight projects, which were carried out in the 2013/14 academic year. AMOSSHE member universities chose the research topics, which reflect their priorities and concerns, and the institutions’ Student Services teams carried out the projects.

AMOSSHE InsightThe AMOSSHE Insight projects are unique in the UK because they are devised and carried out by Student Services professionals at separate universities for the benefit of the whole student support community. Several projects draw on the experience of institutions across the UK, to produce a national understanding of the topics addressed. UK higher education providers differ so widely from each other, however, that the findings and recommendations are highly relevant for an international audience too.

The complete findings of the projects are now available online for the benefit of the student support community worldwide. You can find them here: AMOSSHE Insight 2013/14.

The 2013/14 projects were undertaken by the University of Dundee, University of Kent, University of Brighton and Institute of Education (now part of University College London). The fifth project was carried out by a collaborative group of institutions in the east of England, including Anglia Ruskin University, Norwich University of the Arts, University of Cambridge, University Campus Suffolk, University of East Anglia, University of Essex and University of Hertfordshire.

Looking forward

AMOSSHE Insight continues into the current academic year with funding for three new projects, undertaken by the University of Edinburgh, University of Bradford and Northumbria University.

These projects explore:

  • The design and management of multi-faith spaces on campus.
  • Summer schools to support transition into higher education for mature students.
  • Digital approaches to support further education students move on to higher education.

The findings and recommendations from these projects will be revealed at ALL CHANGE, the AMOSSHE summer conference in July.

Find out more about AMOSSHE Insight 2014/15.

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