A Brave New World Awaits [day 3]

Technology is not the next big thing… it is the now big thing…

Increased fees, skyrocketing student debt, internal restructuring, retention and engagement challenges and a difficult employment market are impacting the higher education landscape. The challenge is on for universities to determine how they can best respond, and influence, these market realities

The challenges of student services is to continue to deliver a world class experience to enhance a world class education. But with increased pressure and decreased budget how can departments get maximum bang for their buck?

At Blackbullion we are clearly huge fans of the transformative power of technology in education and the importance of having the human element at the heart of everything education…

So it was so great to co-present a session at conference yesterday together with the University of Salford and demonstrate how technology can affect and influence student financial behaviour. It was wonderful to see the app produced by Anglia Ruskin to raise engagement of students with the services of the institution. It was inspiring to see how Kingston are reshaping service delivery and engagement collaboratively with students.

We are at a critical juncture between traditional and so-called-progressive education – we are at a unique point for innovation and creativity. Rather than putting them technology and tradition in opposing corners why not advocate a marriage of convenience? When looking at increased expectations and an ever decreasing budget – complementing face to face education with online skilling and engagement makes sense.

Every year we wait is a cohort wasted.

It is a brave new world – let’s mould it as we wish and set students up for success!

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About Vivi @ Blackbullion

Vivi Friedgut is the founder of Blackbullion, the independent financial education company. In February Blackbullion launched an online education platform to help students on a path to better financial capability and employability skills. Working with innovative education institutions Blackbullion combines the best of innovative technology and interactive onsite sessions. I am a passionate believer in the transformative power of education, technology and imagination ** if you would like to chat more please find me anytime for a coffee or drop me a text on 07837-272-963 **

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