Student services spotlight: University of Sheffield

University of SheffieldIn October 2013 the AMOSSHE National Office team visited the University of Sheffield, where University of Sheffieldformer Chair of AMOSSHE Dr. Andrew West is Director of Student Services.

The university was ranked 13th in the UK in the 2013/14 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Find out more about the University of Sheffield.

Student Services

Sheffield is unique in that Student Services encapsulates the entire student journey from registration and paying fees through to employability and professional development.

This wide remit of support includes student recruitment and admissions, academic and learning services, chaplaincy, and student development including an English Language Teaching Centre.

Student services signs

In the past year Student Services at Sheffield has successfully opened up the student skills and development centre, enabling all those development services for students to be centralised within one building.

Andrew West’s top tip for Student Services at other organisations is to focus on strategy and link it to your university’s strategy. Student Services can demonstrate the value of what they do a lot easier if there are close links with the overall mission.

Disability and dyslexia supportThank you very much to Andrew and his colleagues for making us very welcome at the University of Sheffield!


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