Student services spotlight: Keele University

Keele University building

Keele University logo

AMOSSHE’s John Bloomfield and Beatrice Addo visited Keele University in December 2013. Ian Munton is Head of Student Support and Development Services at Keele, and he’s also the latest addition to the AMOSSHE Executive Committee.

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Student Services at Keele include counselling, curriculum support, careers and disability support, as well as critical incident support / crisis management and 24 hour support.

Keele University hall

Keele covers learning support in a different way than other organisations might do – for example, they deliver professional development days for cohorts of students, focusing on teamwork and time management skills, but on a very professional level. A lot of Keele’s learning and development activities are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), and participants receive a certificate.

Keele University helpdeskA great success for Keele in the last year has been setting up the student support centre. This has been a huge shift for a number of services, how they operate and how they provide their service. Good planning, communication and consultation has led to an increase in the number of people utilising the services.

Keele University helpHere’s Ian’s top tip for student services departments at other organisations: “You need to understand how interconnected you are or should be as an institution. Silos are no longer relevant, and as such, support and collaboration across services is vital to success.”

Keele University corners

Thank you very much to Ian and all the student services staff at Keele University.

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