Digital and Social Media

Andrew West and Malcolm Roberts

Andrew West and Malcolm Roberts, University of Sheffield

This was a session on the development of the AMOSSHE toolkit. has just launched a report on use of social media.

UK digital economy report –

Some risks to social media usage – overuse potentially leads to mental health problems; crass sites can turn people off; students need to be involved in creation.

Council for Advancement of Standards in HE (CAS) – helpful for self evaluation. is a site which can keep you up to date with the latest tools – it’s a good idea for a member of staff to be responsible for keeping up with this site.

It’s important to consider who has responsibility for keeping things up to date on a regular basis. “Tone of voice” is important.

Are your digital social media activities additional to normal activities, stand alone, or part of an integrated strategy?

You need to consider how you will engage students and who will evaluate the service?  How much is your service recirculated and shared?

Blogged by Hilary Simmons, Head of Colleges and Student Life, Lancaster University

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