Green glamour

Gala 1

Imagine a green gala…

The Imagine… green colour scheme came to full fruition at the Hilton gala dinner, with wine sponsored by Aspire, and reception drinks sponsored by STEMS by RP.

The green room

The green room

Drinks reception

Gala drinks reception

The gala begins

The gala begins


Nicole Redman and Ben Bailey dish out the prizes

While everyone tucked into dinner, Ben Lewis (AMOSSHE Chair), Ben Bailey (AMOSSHE Executive Member) and Nicole Redman (AMOSSHE Vice Chair Operations) presented prizes and expressed AMOSSHE’s thanks for everyone’s help and input into the conference.

Everyone's a winner

Everyone’s a winner…

Gala 2

…or having fun anyway

More prizes were on offer from our exhibitors, and when we had all either won or lost, we were soothed by the smooth voice of Nicholas James Gunn and his accompanist from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.


Nicholas James Gunn and company

Imagine... Lego

Imagine… Lego

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