Day 1 of the conference – first impressions

Petra Wend

Petra Wend

I really enjoyed listening to both key notes today. Petra’s empathy and ability to see the people in the situation really shone through.  Her point about the need to communicate 10 times more than you think, really stuck out for me.

It was interesting to hear Martin Hall talk about the need for high quality student services provision but that this doesn’t necessarily mean the student as a “customer”. Not sure that everyone at the conference agrees but it certainly makes for an interesting discussion.

Martin Hall

Martin Hall

The panel of nations reminded me of the Anglo centric viewpoint of HE you get from working in England. However it also showed the similarities of HE in the 4 nations were greater than the differences and that AMOSSHE is still in a strong position to serve them all.

The Museum of Liverpool was fascinating with such beautiful skyline views of the docks at night.  Great venue for the evening event. Especially enjoyed mini fish chips and mushy peas!

A great start to the conference – looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!

Panel of nations

Panel of nations

Blogged by Fay Sherrington, AMOSSHE Executive Member

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