The Long and Wend…ing Road

Petra Wend

Petra Wend, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Queen Margaret University

It is not very often that you hear from a VC being so refreshing honest about the journey they have been on to transform their institution. Petra’s story strikes many cords with those of us who have had to make difficult choices, been faced with opposition to their vision. One of the keys that really shone through Petra’s story was her vision, which was one of achieving success in a few key areas and then taking elements out into the regional, national and international sphere. Success does spread like a broad grin throughout an institution. The clue to success …you have got to like people

Blogged by Brian Hipkin, Vice Chair AMOSSHE

1 thought on “The Long and Wend…ing Road

  1. Kevin Germaine

    Great to hear the Conference got off to a good start. Look forward to what the St Mary’s team brings back – ideas as well as leaflets! I’ll be reading the blog each day. Delighted I can keep in touch at a distance.
    Kevin Germaine
    St Mary’s University College


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